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Residential Service Upgrades

Why Choose Pacific Star Electric?

When you need a residential service upgrade electrician, you can’t go wrong by choosing Pacific Star Electric 

We’re up to date on the latest codes and requirements and have done thousands of electrical service upgrades throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, providing great value to our customers

Over the last few decades, especially in the last 5 yrs,  electrical codes have been updated in multiple ways to account for technological advances and improved safety standards.

Our skilled electricians can help you upgrade your household’s electrical service to keep the home safe and fully connected.

When our electrical services are enlisted, we always go above and beyond to provide complete customer satisfaction.

You can trust that we’ll be honest and communicative while upgrading your home’s electrical service. 

We’ll provide you with a free, detailed upfront estimate.

Our expert team members will treat your home respectfully and professionally

When you need help upgrading your home or business electrical service, you won’t find a better option than Pacific Star Electric 

Why Quality Electrical Service Upgrades Are Important

If everything seems to be running smoothly in your home, it’s easy to ignore your electrical system. 

However, when you’re adding appliances that require electricity, the power demand from your home may become too high for your existing electrical electrical service.

Common appliances that draw large amounts of power include:

  • Level 2 EV chargers
  • Hot tubs
  • Heaters
  • Dryers or ovens
  • Heat Pumps
  • Steam Showers
  • Welder
  • Compressor
  • Large tools, etc.

We’ll assess your current electrical system and recommend an upgrade that will accomodate your present needs…..and plan for the future


Typical upgrade sizes are from 60A or 100A to 125A, 200A or 400A

A solar system is an additional item to consider. Produce your own electricity to offset the increased monthly electrical costs that go along with adding electrical loads

Contact us for more information on solar systems

Electrician upgrading electrical service panel

Electrical Service Upgrade Warranty

At Pacific Star Electric, we ensure that all our electrical installations are professionally installed to the latest code requirements

Our standard one-year warranty applies to service upgrades

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What Can You Expect From Pacific Star Electric?

We offer all customers quality service, from reviewing current services to the upgrade process.


At Pacific Star Electric, our team has more than 120 years of collective experience, and we’ve spent a ton of time upgrading home electrical service situations – you could say we are the experts in the Lower Mainland area! 

Our electricians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and skilled, and they’ll know exactly how to help you get the absolute most out of your home’s incoming services. 

Our extensive experience also allows them to identify and handle problems while working in your household skillfully.


When your home’s electrical system is being worked on, it’s only natural to have questions or concerns. 

The last thing we want is for you to be left in the dark—figuratively or literally—and we’ll make a point to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process of upgrading your electrical service.

And when you do have questions, we’ll give you honest and complete answers.

Competitive Pricing

At Pacific Star Electric, we understand how difficult it can sometimes be to manage the cost of a service upgrade for your home. 

It’s important to us that BC locals can afford the electrical upgrades they need, we always try to keep our prices fair and competitive. 

If you compare our pricing to other electrical professionals in the Lower Mainland area, you’ll find that we provide competitive rates and excellent value.


Part of the reason we’ve developed a strong reputation in our community is that we know how to treat people. 

Ultimately, what we care about most is that our customers are safe, comfortable, and happy. 

Regardless of the specific service we’re providing, we’ll also be completely honest and put the needs of our clients first.


Maintaining professionalism at all times is very important to us at Pacific Star Electric. 

When you enlist our electrical upgrade services, our team will arrive on time, treat you and your property respectfully, and get the project done as efficiently as possible.

The Residential Service Upgrade Specialists

Regarding your home’s electrical system, you should only trust skilled, experienced professionals to take care of essential jobs. 

Our hardworking electricians specialize in upgrading the incoming power supply for your home. 

All of our electricians stay consistently informed of all the latest updates to relevant building codes, and they’ll have no problem identifying the areas where your home’s setup needs to be upgraded.

Over the years, we’ve successfully upgraded the electrical setups of many households in the Lower Mainland area. 

We’ll inspect your home, evaluate your needs and priorities, and design the perfect plan to bring your house into the future. 

When we’re finished with the job, you’ll be able to count on your appliances, lights, and other equipment functioning safely and smoothly for years.

Quality Customer Service Guaranteed

At Pacific Star Electric, our staff always goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied.
When you call our office, one of our friendly team members will happily answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

Throughout the entire process of the job, our team will accommodate you in any way they can. 

For as long as we’re working with you, we’ll treat you like part of the Pacific Star Electric family, and we always take care of our family.

Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about our services or like a free estimate for a service upgrade.