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Professional Residential Maintenance Electricians

When you need a dependable residential maintenance electrician, Pacific Star Electrical is ready to help.

Our skilled technicians offer home electrical maintenance to ensure that your household electrical systems, fixtures, and appliances continue to run at peak performance and efficiency.

why is electrical maintenance important?

To continue functioning correctly, the electrical components of your home need to be periodically inspected and serviced. We’ll handle these essential tasks for a competitive price and constantly strive for exceptional results.

During every electrical maintenance job we take on, our highly trained electricians will check and, if necessary, adjust numerous parts of your household electrical setup. This includes your outlets, all electrical connections, wiring, panels and circuit boards, appliances, and more.

Hiring a residential maintenance electrical specialist is crucial if you want to maintain safe power at home in the long run. Our Pacific Star Electric team will verify that your home’s electrical components are running safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Once any problems are uncovered, we’ll make the neccessary repairs and adjustments to ensure your system is efficient for years to come.

Why call us first?

Why choose Pacific Star Electric over the competition?

Here are five reasons why you should trust us.

  1. We aren’t satisfied until you are. Our professional values shine through on every job.

  2. Our knowledgeable team has over 120 combined years of industry experience. As a result, we are equipped to handle any job.

  3. Our customers are always our top priority. 

  4. We offer free upfront cost estimates with complete transparency.

  5. Our customer testimonials demonstrate the reliability of our services.
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What Can You Expect From Pacific Star Electric?

We offer our customers quality service, from maintaining the system to upgrading services as needed.


When maintaining your home’s electrical system, you can trust the hands of an experienced professional. They know how to thoroughly inspect the electrical components of your home, identify future problems, and make the best preventative measures. Our team doesn’t miss anything when performing home electrical maintenance, and that’s crucial for helping you avoid malfunctions, breakdowns, and safety hazards.


Our skilled professionals will openly communicate with you throughout the process. They’ll let you know what they find, what they’re working on, and what needs to be done. Plus, they’ll identify ways you could potentially get better results from the electrical aspects of your household.


When we conduct home electrical maintenance, safety is always paramount. Our team will be highly cautious while conducting the service, ensuring that they don’t create any safety risks for your family or home. Additionally, a large part of the maintenance will verify that all your wiring, outlets, panels, and connections are safe. If our electricians find anything concerning, they’ll correct it and, if applicable, let you know how to avoid the risk in the future.


At Pacific Star Electric, our philosophy includes going the extra mile for our clients. For any maintenance on your electrical systems, we will work to provide the best solutions for your system. Our team is trained to always have the customer’s best interests in mind, and we hold those values above all else.

Competitive Pricing

We know how vital electrical maintenance is for your home’s long-term functions. We want you always to be able to afford this integral service, so we make a point to keep our pricing reasonable. If you compare our rates to other electrical companies in the Lower Mainland area, you’ll find that our offerings are consistently competitive.

Why Quality Home Electrical Maintenance Is Important

When your household electrical components experience problems, it can be very costly, inconvenient, and sometimes even dangerous. 

By scheduling an appointment with a residential maintenance electrician from our team, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of any breakdown of your electrical system in the future.

Our team will:

  • Thoroughly inspect all the important electrical components of your home
  • Identify any issues or concerning warning signs with your wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, panels, or appliances
  • Make imporvements and adjustments to your electrical equipment to improve its performance or efficiency
  • Conduct any needed repairs to keep your electrical setup functioning correctly and safely
  • Give you a comprehensive report on the state of your household electrical system, including everything we’ve found and any adjustments or fixes we’ve applied.

In the short and long term, scheduling home electrical maintenance will have significant benefits. In addition to preserving the health of your electrical components, this service will improve their lifespan and efficiency. That will save you money and help you rest easy knowing your home is safe.


Pacific Star Electric is proud to be partnered with exceptional organizations. Below are a few associations we’re affiliated with.

  • BC Hydro
  • The Meadow Ridge Chamber of Commerce
  • Industry Training Authority BC
  • The BC Electrical Association
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Don’t Delay - Call Pacific Star Electric Today

If you haven’t had your home’s electrical setup serviced in years, you shouldn’t wait any longer to schedule a maintenance visit with our team. Our electricians are extremely thorough when it comes to home electrical maintenance.

They’ll perform various checks and tests to ensure the health of your electrical components and carefully inspect them for any malfunctions, safety risks, or inefficiencies. 

If they find areas of your electrical system that could be improved, they’ll use their knowledge and experience improve the electrical components in your home.

Pacific Star Electric takes your electrical equipment’s health, safety, and performance very seriously.

Our skilled professionals will do everything possible to keep them running like clockwork, whether addressing your wiring, air conditioner, electrical panels, lighting fixtures, outlets, or any other aspect of your home.

If you’d like to learn more about maintaining safe power at home, give us a call today. Our friendly staff will answer any questions and set you up with an appointment.