Power Saving Tips

Pacific Star Electric is a Green company

  • We recycle the vast majority of our materials including copper wire, circuit breakers, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • We compensate our employees for their time spent recycling job materials
  • We have a fully digital office with records kept in electronic format to save on paper usage
  • We utilize electronic billing to reduce paper and fossil fuels used to deliver mail
  • We car-pool to job sites whenever possible to reduce fossil fuel usage
  • We help our customers save on energy usage see how below
  • We use dimmers on our lights whenever possible and electronic timers on bath fans to reduce energy usage
  • We use energy star appliances
  • We use service vehicles that have low or zero emissions to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible

Ways you can go green

  • Install dimmers – dimmers save energy and extend bulb-life (a light dimmed to 90% will last twice as long!)
  • Install timers or photo-cells on exterior lights – reduce your energy bill and protect your home from burglary by keeping the exterior well-lit.
  • Install 30 or 60 minute electronic timers on all bathroom exhaust fans – save energy by ensuring that fans are not left on more than necessary and avoid mold and mildew.heatpump
  • If you need to replace your appliances, buy the most energy efficient appliances you can afford the savings will add up!
  • Consider installing a back-up power system. Ensure you have power in the event of an outage and save money. Backup power systems can actually put electricity back into the grid and give you a credit on your hydro bill!
  • Consider the use of solar panels – utilize the power of the sun to supply your energy needs
  • Install a heat pump – heat pumps will significantly reduce your energy consumption and provide you with air conditioning. Since a heat pump only moves heat from the outdoors into your home, rather than creating heat by burning fossil fuels, it can operate at efficiencies of over 100% – a typical heat pump averages about 300% efficiency. This means that about 3 kWh’s of heat are created for every kWh of electricity it consumes. The Government provides rebates for an air source heat pump of $1060, or $1420 if it is installed with a furnace that has a variable speed motor.



powersmartPacific Star Electric is an authorized  Alliance Member. Call us today for more information on how Pacific Star Electric can help your home or business reduce energy costs or check out the BC Hydro PowerSmart website for more information on rebates available.




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