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Commercial Electrical Service Upgrades

we are Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade Specialists

If your commercial building in the Lower Mainland of BC area needs an electrical service upgrade, Pacific Star Electric is ready to help.

Our highly skilled team specializes in evaluating the electrical needs of businesses and helping them access the power they require. 

Over the years, we’ve provided many local companies with electrical service upgrades, which we’ve done by installing quality systems capable of meeting their electrical needs.

To keep your commercial property functioning smoothly and efficiently, it’s imperative to keep your electrical setup up to date. 

When you’re overdue for upgrading commercial electrical service, it could significantly hamper your business growth. 

How much would an unplanned power outage hurt the operations of your business?

By investing in a system upgrade, you can ensure that your building is up to code and start integrating more advanced, modern appliances and equipment. 

Commercial upgraded service panel

When you’re ready to undertake such an important project, you need trusted, qualified professionals working on your business. 

Our electricians at Pacific Star Electric are the right people to fill that role.

About Our Electrical Service Upgrade Process

When you hire our team for a commercial electrical service upgrade, we’ll do everything necessary to fully modernize your building’s electrical system. 

We’ll start by visiting your commercial building, inspecting your current setup, and discuss your specific needs and priorities. 

Our team will determine the best way to handle your electrical upgrade to 200A service or beyond with this information.

Once we have a complete grasp of your commercial building’s needs, our electricians will get to work on upgrading your service. 

This can involve replacing just you electrical panel or, all aspects of your current electrical system, including incoming power cables, line side and load side wiring, the grounding and bonding system, the electrical panel, and other components.

Electrician working on service panel

We’ll ensure that when we’re through, your business will have the power it needs for any further upgrades you want to make. 

We’ll also strictly follow all BC and national electric codes and ensure that your electrical setup is fully compliant.

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What Can You Expect From Pacific Star Electric?

We offer all customers quality service, from the quote to installation and testing.



When you hire Pacific Star Electric for your commercial electrical services upgrade, you’ll be working with highly experienced professionals.

In fact, our team has over 120 years of combined experience working on electrical systems. 

As a result, our team members know exactly how to handle all of the intricacies of working with and installing electrical components.



At Pacific Star Electric, we know that the smooth operations of your business are of the utmost importance to you. 

And because we want you to be relaxed and at ease, while we handle your electrical upgrade, we’ll consistently communicate with you throughout the entire process. 

We’ll consult with you regarding every aspect of the job and ensure that you know exactly what’s happening at all times.

Competitive Pricing

Running a business can be expensive, and we at Pacific Star Electric want to make sure that our commercial clients get competitive rates for quality service. 

If you compare our prices for electrical service upgrades with those of our competitors, you’ll find that our rates are very fair and reasonable.



When you hire our team for an electrical service upgrade, you’ll receive professional and reliable service for the duration of the job. 

Our friendly electricians are punctual, neat, and respectful at all times. 

They’ll work efficiently throughout the project and leave your commercial building just as tidy and clean as they found it.



We understand that when you’re operating any company, the safety of your employees and customers has to be paramount. 

At Pacific Star Electric, we feel that way as well. That’s why our team members will always handle your electrical systems cautiously and ensure that your new setup is completely safe. 

And if we come across any safety hazards with your current electrical system, we’ll bring it to your attention and provide you with repair options, while we’re working on the upgrade.


At Pacific Star Electric, we’re proud to be associated with several exceptional organizations. 

Listed below are a few of the reputable names that we’re partnered or affiliated with.

  • BC Hydro
  • BC Electrical Association
  • The Chamber of Commerce Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows
  • WorkSafe BC
  • Industry Training Authority BC

Just a Few Advantages of Working With Pacific Star Electric

  • We offer guarantees on all of our installations and upgrades
  • We’re a licensed and insured company
  • 120+ Years of industry experience
  • Free upfront pricing estimates
  • Affordable, cost-effective electrical solutions designed to suit your specific needs
  • Local professionals based in the Lower Mainland of BC specializing in electrical projects

Why Choose Pacific Star Electric?

We make it easy to upgrade your commercial building’s electrical service. However, with technology constantly advancing and your company growing, keeping up with your electrical needs can be overwhelming.

At Pacific Star Electric, you can trust that we’ll remove all the stress and hassle from the power side of your business.

All you have to do is make the call and schedule a service call or free estimate with our team, and we’ll handle the rest.

While you sit back and relax, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your electrical needs and determine the ideal way to improve your setup.

When we’re finished, your electrical system will be up to code, and you’ll have the needed electrical capabilities to continue running and expanding your operations.

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Electrician team Pacific Star Electric

If you believe your company needs an electrical service upgrade, then there’s no reason to procrastinate.

The sooner you take proactive action, the sooner you can improve the functionality of your commercial property and start making significant improvements.

Having an outdated electrical setup can give your business several notable disadvantages. 

And the longer you wait to make a change, the more noticeable those issues will be.

Pacific Star Electric is the right contractor to help you get that critical process started. 

Since 2007, we’ve been developing a reputation in the Lower Mainland area for exceptional customer service and high-quality electrical solutions.

When you hire us to handle your commercial electrical service upgrade, you’ll see exactly why we’ve earned that reputation.

If you’re interested in enlisting our services or scheduling a consultation, give our offices a call today!