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Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades Service

Modern technology is advancing fast, and if your company’s electrical panel is no longer supporting your operations, it may be time for a commercial panel upgrade.

At Pacific Star Electric, we’re proud to help businesses in the Lower Mainland of BC stay fully functional with commercial electrical panel upgrades.

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Pacific Star Electric Provides More Power With Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

As your company grows and expands, you may find that your current electrical setup isn’t cutting it. 

Keeping your lights and equipment running consistently is crucial for your business’s productivity and success, so your electrical panel needs to be completely reliable.

If you want to avoid setbacks and interruptions, it’s worth investing in an electrical panel upgrade.

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Why Choose us?

When your business is ready for an electrical panel upgrade, you need not look any further than Pacific Star Electric.

Our expert electricians have over 120 years of collective experience in the industry, and we’ve been a trusted contractor in our community since 2007.

As a family-owned and operated business, we bring compassion, honesty, and superb customer service to every project.

When it comes to the electrical setup of your company, you can’t afford to count on subpar contractors. 

Our team members understand how important the functionality of your electrical panel is, and they approach every installation with caution, focus, and absolute professionalism. 

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When you enlist our services, our electricians will arrive at your property on time and ready to work.

We also offer upfront pricing, so you never need to worry about being blindsided by unpleasant surprises. 

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll do everything possible to make it a reality.

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When you go with Pacific Star Electric for your commercial panel upgrade, you can trust that we have all the tools and expertise to handle the job correctly.

Before we get to work installing your new panel, we’ll analyze your business’s specific needs and priorities.

We want to ensure that your electrical panel upgrade will be an excellent fit for your company and fully capable of powering your equipment.

We offer electrical panel upgrades with 200, 400, 600 or more-amp options, which will have plenty of juice for most commercial setups. 

120/208V, 277/480V, 347/600V in Wye or Delta

We will do the calculations to see how much energy your panel needs to accommodate.

Once we’re confident that the new electrical panel will meet your needs, our team will safely install it at your business. 

We don’t want to waste your time or leave you without sufficient electricity, which is why we make it a priority to complete every project correctly the first time.

In addition to installing a new electrical panel, we can also improve your setup by replacing your old circuit breakers. 

In many cases, new circuit breakers can significantly affect the overall reliability of your company’s lighting and other electrical equipment.

Before we declare that the upgrade is finished, our skilled electricians will verify that all of your new equipment is functioning safely and properly. 

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with electrical issues, and with every panel upgrade, we want to make sure you don’t have any power problems for the foreseeable future.

What Can You Expect From Pacific Star Electric?

We offer all customers quality service, from designing your business panel upgrade, to installation and testing.

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Competitive Pricing

At Pacific Star Electric, we understand that running a business comes with many challenges; sometimes, budgeting can be difficult. 

We make a point to keep our prices fair and competitive for all of our services. 


Electrical Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and employees. 

Whenever we’re working on a project, we adhere to the electrical code, use proper safety equipment, and conduct our work with caution and care at all times.


At Pacific Star Electric, we not only offer upfront pricing, but we’re also honest and open with you throughout the entire process of working together. 

Our team will happily respond to any questions or concerns you have with thorough answers. 

We know how important the well-being of your business is to you, and we’ll never leave you in the dark.


Commercial Electrical Panel Expertise

When you hire us for an electrical panel upgrade, you can rest assured that our team members know exactly what they’re doing. 

All of our electricians are highly skilled, trained, and experienced in commercial panels. 

They’ll know how to assess your unique situation and determine the best solutions for any issues you’re experiencing.


Quality That Lasts

It’s important that when we install new electrical equipment for your business, it stands the test of time. 

That’s why we only use approved, durable equipment made from high-quality materials. 

When you invest in an electrical panel upgrade through Pacific Star Electric, you won’t need to worry about its health or performance for a long time.

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At Pacific Star Electric, we’re proud to be affiliated with several wonderful organizations. 

A few of those reputable establishments are listed below.

  • The BC Electrical Association
  • The Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Chamber of Commerce
  • BC Hydro
  • Industry Training Authority BC

Don’t Delay - Call Pacific Star Electric Today

Getting the best electrical panel upgrade service for your business is easy when you choose us because:

Our knowledgeable team will be glad to guide you through every step of the process. 

We’ll examine your needs and preferences, answer all of your questions, and recommend the best path forward for your business.

If your business uses an outdated or subpar electrical panel, there’s no reason to procrastinate when investing in an upgrade.

The sooner you get it handled, the more money you’ll save on maintenance, and the more dependable your company’s important equipment will be. 

Plus, by upgrading now, you could avoid one or more frustrating and costly electrical problems down the line.

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