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Commercial Electrical Maintenance Service

At Pacific Star Electric, we provide reliable electrical maintenance to commercial clients across the Lower Mainland of BC.

To continually keep your commercial building functioning smoothly and safely, it’s vital to bring in a knowledgeable commercial maintenance electrician to maintain your electrical system.

Our team at Pacific Star Electric has over 120 years of combined experience, and all our electricians are highly skilled and reliable.

By ensuring that you’re getting the best possible results from your electrical connections and equipment, we can help provide your commercial property with a brighter, more efficient future.

Quality Commercial Maintenance

When your building’s electrical system seems to be functioning correctly, it’s easy to forget the need for maintenance.

However, the longer you put off electrical maintenance, the worse the problems can become.

For example, your electrical panel, HD switches, transformers, etc. typically need inspection and re-torquing of all connections. Wiring may become frayed or damaged, or certain aspects of your commercial electrical system may no longer comply with current BC codes.

At Pacific Star Electric, our commercial maintenance electricians will ensure you avoid all these electrical problems within your commercial facility.

During any electrical maintenance visit, our team will thoroughly check all electrical components and connections around your building. This will include wiring, electrical panels, outlets, lighting, and appliances.

Our skilled professionals will look for ways to improve your electrical setup’s overall performance, efficiency, and safety.

We’ll make adjustments and fixes to help your commercial building function more smoothly and eliminate any safety risks or electrical code violations.

When we’re finished, you can rest assured that your electrical system will run in tip-top condition.

You also may need Power Factor Correction to address high BC Hydro costs/penalties for leading or lagging power factor conditions

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Why is reliable Electrical Maintenance Is Important?

No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s important that the electrical system in your building is consistently cared maintained to industry standards.

Whether your facility is occupied by employees, customers, or tenants, significant electrical problems are something you want to avoid.

Having the lights or power suddenly go out is bad enough, but in some cases, skipping commercial electrical maintenance can even lead to electrical fires and other dangerous situations.

At Pacific Star Electric, our commercial maintenance electricians want to help you ensure that you never have to worry about such things in your building.

Beyond avoiding electrical problems, maintenance can help you get the very best out of your electrical equipment.

Having your various electrical components and connections serviced yearly can save quite a bit of money in the long run.

For example, your electrical system will run more efficiently, which will help reduce your monthly bills.

Your electrical equipment will have a healthier, longer lifespan, saving you money on future repairs and buying you more time before investing in replacement equipment.

For these reasons, you do not want to skip electrical maintenance for your business.

Our Partners

At Pacific Star Electric, we have partnerships with several great organizations. We take pride in being affiliated with the best groups and associations.

  • BC Electrical Association
  • Meadow Ridge Chamber of Commerce
  • BC Hydro
  • WorkSafe BC
  • Industry Training Authority BC

What Can You Expect From us?


Our electricians at Pacific Star Electric know all the ins and outs of working with commercial electrical equipment.

Every commercial space is unique, and our team will know precisely how to help you get the best results from your facility’s system.

Our skilled professionals can also spot equipment problems or red flags when performing routine maintenance.



When performing commercial electrical maintenance on your building, we’ll be honest and upfront about the entire process.

We’ll record all the adjustments and repairs we make, so you’ll know exactly what has been done to your electrical system.

And if our electricians find anything concerning or unsafe, they’ll let you know what they’ve discovered and give you their best advice on how to proceed.



Professionalism is always a top priority, regardless of our team’s job.

When it comes to the well-being of your company’s electrical system, the last thing you need is contractors who aren’t taking the job seriously.

You’ll never have to worry about that with Pacific Star Electric. Our team always arrives on time, fully equipped with everything they need for the job, and fully ready to get to work.

Plus, they’ll treat you, your property, and your employees and customers with respect at all times.

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One very important part of commercial electrical maintenance is ensuring everything runs safely.

If our electricians come across any damaged or improper wiring, loose connections, or anything else that could present a safety hazard, they’ll promptly take care of it. It’s important to us that any workers and clients spending time in the building are entirely safe at all times.

Additionally, our team will be very cautious to avoid any accidents and interruptions while performing maintenance on your building.


Competitive Pricing

At Pacific Star Electric, we know how important regular electrical maintenance is for your commercial building’s operations.

We also know that if our prices were unreasonably high, it would be difficult for companies to afford the integral service. So, we make it a priority to keep our prices competitive.

When you compare the rates for any of our electrical services to those of our local competitors, you’ll find our rates equal fantastic value.

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Our qualified experts can handle all of your commercial building’s electrical needs.

Our team is dedicated to achieving excellence in every job we do. So, how can we be of service?

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