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Back-Up Power Systems

Automatic Standby System


When the power goes out, a voltage sensor in the transfer switch automatically turns on the generator, it then switches your power input from the BC Hydro grid to your back up generator. You can power the whole electrical system or a generator panel with essential circuits. Depends on the size of your generator

Generator– Natural Gas, LP (Liquid Propane)

Automatic Transfer Switch-ensures that back up power will not be fed back into the BC Hydro grid

Automatic Emergency System


Same concept as above but you generator is powered by diesel or LP stored in a tank on site

In the event of a large scale disaster, grid supplied natural gas may not be available

Grid Tie Systems 


Power is provided through solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc The power produced is fed through multiple inputs into a controller. Then to an inverter which synchronizes with the power from the public electricity grid. This power can be used in your home or business or fed back into the electrical grid. Depending on how much power your system produces  your electrical meter will either slow down as you use a combination of your own power and the grid’s power or your meter will spin backwards resulting in a credit. This system is used in conjunction with either an Automatic Standby System or an Automatic Emergency System.

There are grants and subsidies available for alternate energy sources.

UPS Systems


Usually used in offices for computers or computer servers. The UPS pack is plugged into the wall outlet, then the computer is plugged into the UPS pack. A battery system takes over when the power fails. The systems are rated according to time. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes etc. A UPS pack will also filter and regulate the voltage output so the connected electronics have a stable voltage input.

Portable Generator with Manual Transfer Switch


Connect a small/medium size portable gas powered generator to a generator panel with a transfer switch. We move essential circuits like well pumps, septic systems, furnaces, fridges as well as a few lighting and plug circuits to the generator panel

Never backfeed the generator power into your electrical panel. An approved transfer switch must be used. The power will flow through your panel and electrical meter then into the electrical grid. Lineman repairing the damaged power lines can be electrocuted.

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